75th Anniversary – Western Area Update

Western Area hit the ground running with their 75th Anniversary activities. This included working with Medicine Hat Brewing Company to prepare two RCEME-themed batches of beer, Triple Romeo Red Ale, and Bluebell Blonde, complete with classic RCEME-themed artwork – all of which were unveiled at the Western Area Bonspiel February 21-24.

Bluebell Blonde
Triple Romeo

WO Nightingale, EO Tech at 1 Svc Bn, kicked off the effort by contacting Cpl Naomi Reinheimer-Hein, a mechanic with 39 Svc Bn in Richmond, BC who drew up both the Sadie picture for the Bluebell Blonde and the 75th Sadie. WO Nightingale asked her to create a “kick ass” Sadie for 2019, who portrayed confidence, strength and competence and she did a fantastic job of capturing those elements while staying true to Sadie’s original appearance. He also asked her to incorporate the wrench to symbolize “by skill” and the pistol holster on the hip to symbolize “by fighting”. Cpl Reinheimer-Hein went the extra mile in creating the 75th Sadie by also using the RCEME flag colours in the background as they worked their way down the poster with the “Arte et Marte” in light blue at the bottom.

75th Sadie
Artwork created by Cpl Reinheimer-Hein, 39 Svc Bn

Regarding the beer labels and posters, several clues or “Easter Eggs” are hidden throughout them. Each trade is represented, as well as Division and Brigade symbols. There is also an encrypted grid reference (MGRS) on the bolt heads that leads to a puzzle box (created by our 1 Svc Bn non-tech section) which is hidden in a Base monument and filled with RCEME prizes for the troops to find. 

Finally, the write-ups describing the beer attempted to capture unique elements of RCEME life over the years, and were written by WO Nightingale with input from MCpl Kate Russell.

If you are curious, the decryption key is an old RCEME standby:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Tag Marketing out of Medicine created the final products you see below based on all the artwork and creative input described above of Cpl Reinheimer-Heim, MCpl Russell, and WO Nightingale.

Copies of the posters are available for purchase, and all profits from the sales will be split between the Western RCEME Fund and Cpl Reinheimer-Hein.

Cost is:

$15 for 18” x 27” reprint

$30 for 24” x 36” reprint

Please contact WO Nightingale with the order form below at Chris.Nightingale2@forces.gc.ca.