A Message from the Command

Col N.P.M. Corriveau, CD, D RCEME
CWO J.H. Saunders, MMM, CD, Corps SM

The RCEME 75th…as we reflect on the past, feel the current reality and look ahead to what the future reserves us, we have an obligation, as a member of the Corps, a cell within the bloodstream of our history, to pause during the year 2019 and ensure we mark this year as key to our culture and memory.

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm and pleasure that I welcome you all, Brothers and Sisters of the RCEME Total Force, to the online version of the RCEME 75th Journal.  This journal will be a key cornerstone that will recognise the 75th year of our existence, providing us all with a glimpse of our authenticity, thus ensuring the memory last forever and can be appreciated by future generations.

This online portal will also be used to collect pictures and present articles from RCEME Workshops at bases and wings across Canada.  It will ensure that they are readily available to the soldiers, family and friends of the RCEME Corps, as well as to Canadians and comrades around the world.  It also provides an opportunity to view our activities throughout the year and across the country, allowing us all to appreciate the impressive role that RCEME plays inside our Canadian Army, our Canadian Armed Forces and within Canadian Defence operations. 

However, this cannot be done by only select few, it must be done by all of us.  Consequently, I call out to all RCEME Soldiers and those who support RCEME to take a few minutes to tell your story…to provide a few words and pictures showing and talking about these amazing things happening in your workshop, inside your projects or equipment management teams that you are working on and about the challenges that you are facing.  This is key not only for what our Brothers and Sisters within the Corps, within the Defense Department or even our Canadians want to hear or see but also marking our beloved Corps memories for our future generations.  So….let’s get out there, take some pictures and get writing!

Oh, I forgot to mention that there will be a follow-on printed version of the RCEME 75 journal.  This printed version will be a collection of articles from this online publication, as well as snapshots from the past and glimpses into the future.  Our intent is to publish it and circulate it to all members of the RCEME Guild in the November 2019 timeframe!

Finally, I continue to be filled with pride every day as your Director by hearing, seeing and living what you continuously accomplish for our great Canadian Army, our Forces writ large and our defense institution. 

You continue to bring incredible value to the Canadian Armed Forces and more specifically, you are part of this grand profession of arms that shines our Canadian values. 


Dear RCEME Corps, I welcome you to the online version of the RCEME 75th Journal.  As we commence a most remarkable year in our Corps’ existence it is with great pleasure that I help introduce this outstanding initiative that will provide a repository of our achievements, both past and present. 

The online portal will allow the Corps to collect and showcase the fantastic work performed by the hardworking technicians and officers as they accomplish their vital work at home, from coast to coast to coast, and abroad on operations from the tactical to strategic level.

Tell your story.  RCEME soldiers are by nature hardworking, inventive, and excellent problem solvers.  These traits play themselves out daily within units and workshops in support of Canadian Army as well as the RCN and RCAF.  What projects are you working on and what challenges are you overcoming?  Canadians want to know.  So sharpen your pencils and get to work!

If you think that your efforts will disappear into the ether, fear not. There will be a printed RCEME 75th Journal that will be published and circulated to all members of the Guild showcasing some of the articles collected from the online version as well as snapshots from the past and a glimpse of the future.  Watch out for that journal in November 2019.

Lastly, thanks for all that you do. I cannot overstate the incredible value you bring to the Canadian Armed Forces.  You fill my heart with pride and it is truly an honour to represent you as the Corps SM.